Business Broker Spain and everyone associated with our business has worked incredibly hard over the years to become the leading business brokers in Spain, we have experienced the boom and we have seen the harsh realities of a crippling recession that gripped the whole world.

I think Business Broker Spain can speak for the majority of expat business owners here in Spain and probably in the whole of Europe of our shock at the result of the referendum on the 24th June. Things have changed and not for the better, we have seen Sterling hit a 31 year low against the Dollar and we have seen Sterling drop over 8% against the Euro.

80% of our clients purchasing businesses here in Spain are from the UK and we are bracing ourselves for what are now very uncertain times after what was our best 6 months of trading on record, confidence had returned to the market, businesses were selling at rate seen in the boom of 2005/2006.

Confidence plays a massive part in any life changing purchase and non more so than deciding to emigrate to another country and purchase a business, and we only hope this is quickly restored to levels pre-Brexit.

I for one class myself as European and my family are happy and settled in Spain with the Spanish people welcoming us into their community, it’s been a positive and life changing experience and one I wouldn’t change for anything. My daughter attends Spanish school, speaks three languages fluently at 10 years old, and we want her to grow up in a free Europe where cultures can mix and learn from each other and our only hope is that somehow Brexit will not deny other young people this fabulous opportunity.

Our advice for anyone contemplating the move to Spain and purchasing a business to continue with your dream, follow it and achieve it and we will help you every step of the way.  It won’t be easy, we all know that but the rewards are there to be achieved, plan carefully and please do contact us for any advice.  There is life after Brexit, there has to be!

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