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Selling your business can be daunting if you have not experienced it before. Therefore it pays to have a broker that understands your needs and the process from instruction to completion.

Over 10,000 buyers.

We have over 10,000 buyers waiting to buy a business just like yours

Global Reach

We always market your business on the best portals worldwide.


All of our buyers complete an NDA before learning more about your business.

From Listing To Completion

We are with you from listing to completion. We are there for you and your buyer.

Your Journey With Us

Once you contact Business Broker Spain to sell your business our aim is to keep things simple for you. We are there to guide you through the sale of your business and get you the best possible price.

How To Prepare Your Business For Sale

Preparing your business for sale is one of the most important steps you can take. Once you have contacted us we will call you to discuss your goals and ambitions regarding the sale of your business and it is always useful to have the following infomration available.

  • 3 Years Turnover and Net Profit.
  • A Breakdown of your costs like rent, electricity etc.
  • A list of assets such as vehicles or property.

This gives us some of the important information and this information will be needed to assist us in the sale of your business.

Bill Of Sale
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Business Valuation

Once you are ready we will meet with you to discuss the value of your business. All of our discussions are completely confidential and we will give you an estimate of the price we think your business will sell for. We take into account many factors such as:

  • Current market conditions.
  • Turnover and profit.
  • Similar businesses for sale.

We then also explain to you our costs and how we market your business. Once everything is agreed we move to our listing contract stage.

Listing Contracts And Website

We then work on preparing your business listing contract and the web page for your business. It is important that we have a listing contract in place so you know exactly what the costs are and the process for the sale of your business. This gives you complete peace of mind. We can show you a standard contract and only once you are happy will we proceed. We can of course sign everything digitally (We know how busy you are).

Once the contract is signed we create the listing web page and again once you are happy with this we can then go live and find a buyer for your business.

1 - Searching for opportunities

Now We Find A Buyer!

The listing contract is signed and the listing page is live, so what next? Our team get to work on finding a buyer. We search our existing database for suitable buyers, we publish your listing on the global portals we are using at the time and we also contact our existing network of trusted partners to ensure we give your business the exposure it needs to be sold.

Once we receive enquiries we respond immediately and to protect your business we always ask for our NDA  to be agreed. This protects you private details. We filter out the serious buyers with a view to arranging viewings and negotiations. At that point we inform yourself about the buyer and we make introductions.


Once we have had a viewing the next step is to progress to negotiating the terms and price of the sale. We keep everyone informed of any offers and ensure everything is in order. We never judge any offer so whatever the offer is on the table we then put this to you.

If the offer is accepted we arrange deposit contracts to take the business off market and not further viewings will be arranged. At this point both parties have to instruct their legal team and all due diligence is completed from both sides. 

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From Listing to Completion


From listing right through to completion, we are there to help and guide you through the sale of your business. We offer you fair impartial advice with a professional approach to both you and your buyer. There is a reason we are Spains biggest Business Broker!

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