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Most people don’t seem to realise there are better deals to be had when dealing in foreign exchange.  The majority of people go to their bank simply because they haven’t researched alternatives or because they like to be in their comfort zone and probably don’t like change. This is a strange conundrum for me because we deal with people who are changing their lives and have just ultimately made their biggest decision of their lives to emigrate to a new country and start a new life. Then why after making this decision go back to being “comfortable” with their own bank when their are better options for foreign exchange?  Strange don’t you think…..?
With Sterling under pressure after Brexit it matters more than ever to get the best exchange rate possible and your bank isn’t the place to get it.

Here at Business Broker Spain we recommend Infinity International for your currency needs, with over 9 years experience they are fully regulated and have 9 offices in 4 countries they not only offer a personal service but will offer you a better rate than your “comfortable bank!”  The managers of Infinity International will help you with setting up a bank account here in Spain and because they have 1000’s of clients they can get you fantastic deals with the bank, for example no charges and no set up fees.

When I moved to Spain many years ago I never had the luxury of this service and I have to tell you it cost me a lot of money! Our advice is listen to people who have been there and done it, and as our client we would only recommend services that we know will look after you and help you in every step of the way in your big move.  So take our advice and contact Infinity International for an impartial chat and see how they can help you save money and beat the “comfortable bank!” 

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