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Nothing is free right? – Wrong

It is a tough old world out there and it is very difficult to get your business noticed so I have put together a list of Apps or business programs that your business big or small can start using for free and will have the opportunity to upgrade as and when your business grows. I have used all of these on Business Broker Spain Check out the list below and I am happy to receive any feedback.

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The free version of this is great and the paid version even better! I added the free program through a wordpress plug in from day one on my site. It works great and the translations were really good. You can set the widget in the footer or have it floating if you wish or don’t have a widget at all since the program automatically detects the users language and translates to that. I have had numerous enquiries from different nationalities that I am sure I would never have received before. On top of that I upgraded to the paid version and look below at the number of pages that Google indexed for me. Can you guess the date I installed it! With the paid version the language is also better translated. Dont ask me how but its a neural translation…but let’s leave that to the experts.

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If you are looking for automation then this is for you. I use this to automatically create CRM records from the email enquiries I receive into my CRM system (Hubspot – more on this below ). It is relatively user friendly although it misses one key component that I use Zapier for (more on Zapier below). It is basically way to integrate all of your business apps. As per the example in the image, when I get an email enquiry this starts the process. It then sends an API request to my enquiry source. This then tells integromat all of the information I need to create or update the record in my CRM system hubspot so when I get the email notification the CRM record is already waiting for me in Hubspot. Integromat can do so much more but the free version gives you only so many process in a month. I pretty much use all of this but I am sure I will end up thinking of more processes to automate in the future and will probably upgrade to one of their paid business plans.

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So why use Zapier if I use Integromat as they are almost the same? Well yes they are however Zapier does not give you as many free Zaps as they call them but it does have a great email parser. One of the portals I use does not have an API function so all of the information is only provided via email so here is where Zapier steps in. Like I said it is a similar app to Integromat but it has an email parser so it can read the email for me me and then send the info to Hubspot just as Integromat does. Is it a strength of Zapiers? Yes but they dont give you as many free processes or Zaps. Is it a weakness of Integromats? Yes but you get a lot more processes so it all depends how you need to get the information and how many times you want to automate this process. They are both great programs that perform a very similar thing so it works for me to have both.

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One for the speed freaks out there! Works on WordPress and a few other platforms and sends your sight speed into overdrive! I could not believe the difference in speed as per Google page speed insights Go ahead check your page speed. Remember that Business Broker Spain is a “heavy” site. It’s a commercial real estate agency and so has 200 businesses for sale with lots of images etc but as you can see below, even using the free plan Nitropack makes the site lightning fast. Of course it depends on the volume of traffic that you have but if you have a WordPress site or one of the other compatible sites that work with Nitropack then I would highly recommend it. I have not had any issues with it at all.


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An amazing CRM system that quite honestly you could run a business from without having a domain name or hosting! I needed a system that allowed me to create records, schedule follow up’s and send emails from and Hubspot does this and some! In addition to this you can create mail lists and send 2000 emails per month, create landing pages to direct traffic to, link ads to measure how effective they are and the list goes on. I have a database of around 12,000 people that cost me nothing to manage. It really is an amazing piece of kit although…….the paid plans do get expensive however as with all of these you only need to pay when you grow. The free plan on Hubspot works great for me as a commercial real estate agency so I will stick with that but if you are into ecommerce then you may need to upgrade. Honestly I could go on about Hubspot for hours but check the link and see what it can do it is well worth your time!

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Last but not least……..

Thanks for checking these out and I hope you enjoy them. If you linked directly to the page and you have now changed your mind about sharing some SEO love then please feel free to google search Business For Sale In Spain and click on www.businessbrokerspain.com and this will help my search appearance but please check a couple of pages on my site as we dont like bounces.

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