Exchange of green residencias for a new TIE

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Exchange of green residencias for a new TIE
and how to arrange collection of your new TIE card.

Swapping over your existing green residencias for a replacement TIE is actually very simple to do and is well within the ability of most of us to do ourselves.

First open this link…/index… once open then select your region, then accept.

Then select the FOLLOWING option:

policia-exp.tarjeta asociada al acuerdo de retirada Ciudadanos britanicos y sus familiars (brexit)

On the next page, first select the EX-23 link on the page, (print it out in full) you take to your appointment at the extranjaero office (national police station). If your PC browser is setup to translate, it makes it much easier – but you can fill it in online then download it.If you’re unsure how to fill it in, use google, or maybe allow someone to fill it in for you but it’s not complicated. Basically you need to fill in the top half of page-1, then 2 tick-boxes on page-2.

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On the same page, you`ll also see a link for the TASA (look for ENLACE SIGUIENTE) – this is a document which you must also fill in online and then print out, & then have it stamped at a local bank (cost is €12 per person).

At this point, you will have completed the EX23 & Tasa downloads. The next step is to go to the bottom of that page and click proceed. On the next page, enter your NIE number (or passport number) & name. On the next page, select your chosen office where you`ll go to do this. On the next page, your telephone number, e-mail address (twice). On the next page, select a day and time from those available. Then select OK, make a note of the details, print it out and get ready for the appointment.

They also send a text message to your registered mobile number (it MUST be a Spanish mobile number) enter the code in that text message to confirm the appointment and you should then receive an e-mail confirmation that you can print out to take to the appointment itself

Remembering that you need

  1. A photograph that measures 32mm x 26mm (with a clear white background, no hats or sunglasses, hair to be kept off face). I would further advise to remove spectacles for the photograph,they should be allowed, but some people have had problems, hence its easier to remove them .
  2. The stamped TASA (see above).
  3. Copies of BOTH your existing green residencia and UK passport

That’s it! Attend your appointment and hopefully everything goes smoothly.

Once done you should get an appointment to collect the new TIE, you return to the SAME OFFICE that you first attended previously to collect your new TIE. They will re-check finger-prints, take your old green residencia (so make sure you have copies of your old green residencia for future use if needed) and present you with your new TIE card, which will have a 10-year expiry date.

Collecting a TIE card (how to book an appointment).

Firstly log on to the below website…/index..

Select your province from the drop-down list and click ACCEPT.

Select (TIE) and then proceed with selecting a day & time to collect the TIE.

You need to collect the TIE from the same office that you submitted your EX23 (TIE application).

Then follow the online process through, entering your own details (as before) and selecting a day & time to collect your TIE.

Good luck!

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