Bike Tours Malaga expands

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The New owners of Bike Tours Malaga looks ahead to the future

Having recently purchased Bike Tours Malaga through Business Broker Spain the new owners are already planning ahead for the expected rise in tourism that we expect to happen in 2021. Below is the new owners account of what lays ahead for them.

Bike Tours Malaga is growing !

Whether you want to rent or hire a bike, or go on a fantastic bike tour of Malaga, you’ve come to the right place : we’ve just opened a new venue, just 3 doors down from our existing bike rental place, and it will allow you to move around more easily, see our new collection of bicycles, including e-bikes, and there won’t be long waiting times during the busy periods, which we all hope will start again very soon!

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We’ve used this unusually quiet time to prepare ourselves for your return: bigger premises, more bicycles, better bike tours and a promise that our fantastic team will help you have a wonderful time discovering Malaga’s old town, its outlying districts like El Palo and Pedregalejo, its beaches and much else besides.

Our 2 bike rental agencies are on the very pretty Plaza del Poeta Alfonso Canales, which is at the end of Calle Vendeja, hence our addresses on Calle Vendeja, right by the main City tourist office. On this historic square, you’ll see a fantastic example of Palo Borracho (the drunk stick), a tree originating in South America with its huge swollen trunk; it is said that this one was planted by a sailor way back when, due to our proximity to the port of Malaga.

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We’re also right next door to our friends at the Café Estraperlo (the Smuggler to you and me), where you can get refreshed either before or after your bike rental or your tour.

There aren’t many better ways to get around Malaga than on a bike. All our bikes and e-bikes are German-made and have been tried and tested by the lazy and the fit; we have bikes for kids, tag-alongs for smaller kids, helmets, panniers and all the bits and bobs that you need to make your trip a real joy. You’ll get fit, you’ll get some sun on your face and your carbon footprint will be nada, zilch, a big fat zero ☺

Our full-time team, Michal, Sharida, Anouk and Tris, will be able to look after you in English, Spanish, French, Czech, Slovak, Dutch and German; they’ll let you have great bikes to rent, or take you on wonderful tours: on e-bikes up to the top of the ruins of Gibralfaro, with its sweeping views of the city and the sea, out to the beaches of El Palo and Pedregalejo, west towards Torremolinos, and if you fancy a pause for a tapa or 3, then they won’t be stopping you!

We have a fully equipped workshop up and running, where our mechanic Javi fixes and repairs and upgrades the bikes, and we’re happy to provide these services to our customers and anyone else in Malaga who has a niggle that needs looking at.


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