Non Disclosure Agreement

This is a confidentiality agreement between the person submitting this form & Business Broker Spain
  1. Business Broker Spain intends to disclose information (the Confidential Information) to the Buyer in order that the buyer may investigate with the intention of buying any business that is currently owned by the client of Business Broker Spain
  2. The buyer undertakes not to use the Confidential Information for any purpose, except the Purpose of buying the business, without first obtaining the written agreement of Business Broker Spain.
  3. The buyer undertakes to keep the Confidential Information secure and not disclose it to any third party, except to advisors, lawyers and professionals who need to know the same for the purpose, who know that they have a duty of trust with the buyer and that they are obliged for obligations equivalent to those of clause 2 above and this clause 3.
  4. The commitments in clauses 2 and 3 above apply to all information disclosed by Business Broker Spain to the buyer, regardless of the form or form in which it is disclosed or registered, but does not apply to: a) Any information that is or is in the future in the public domain (unless it is as a result of breach of this Agreement); or b) Any information that the buyer already knows and that is not subject to any obligation of trust before the seller discloses it to the buyer.
  5. Nothing in this Agreement will prevent the buyer from making any disclosure of the Confidential Information required by law or by any competent authority.
  6. In the event that Business Broker Spain requests the return to the them, all copies and records of the Confidential Information supplied to the buyer must be returned, including everything they have received, and they will not retain any copy or record of the Confidential Information in any format.
  7. Neither this Agreement nor the provision of information grants the buyer any license, interest or right with respect to the intellectual property rights of the seller, except the right to copy the Confidential Information solely for the Purpose it was supplied for.
  8. The commitments of clauses 2 and 3 will continue in force for 2 years from the date of this Agreement.
  9. This Agreement is governed and must be interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. The Spanish courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any dispute that has arisen or may arise from or in connection with this Agreement.
  10. The buyer commits to not directly approaching the seller or any party known to the seller (including employees of the business) by any means or via any other broker or individual with a view to purchasing part or all of this or any other business owned by the seller. 
  11. Once introduced to the seller any offer of deposit or purchase must be made via the representative of Business Broker Spain.
  12. I further agree that if I should be a party to negotiations or actions which seek to preclude, or are contrary to the interests of Business Broker Spain as selling agents, then I will be a liable for any commissions which would otherwise have been due to Business Broker Spain.

By submitting the NDA for you are accepting the conditions above

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