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Whether it is a cafe bar, a drinks bar or a cozy quaint drinks bar we have a wide selection or bars for sale in Spain and especially on the Costa Del Sol which is in southern Spain. When most people are looking for a new bar for sale they often look for a coastal town to start a new bar as Spain has an abundance of holiday resort available. There are also many other things to consider when looking to start your new life and have a bar in the sun.

What should I look for when buying a bar in Spain?

One thing to look for is does the bar you are looking for have a good trading location? A corner location is often considered to be a good potential business as you often get a bigger terrace area with this and this is a very important aspect of owning a bar in Spain. Does the advertised leasehold price have any hidden extras that you may not be aware of. If that great opportunity of a sports bar has a lower than expected advertised price then the chances are there will be a reason behind this. A music bar, a drinks bar or a sports bar are always very popular choices. But does that music bar come with a music license? Is that cosy cafe lounge bar licensed to serve food? Does that drinks bar have license to open? Always ask to see the license for the bar for sale in Spain. If a bar is advertised as a Bargain bar there is usually a reason for that!

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Drinks bar for sale in Spain - What is included in the advertised price?

Most bars for sale in Spain are sold as a leasehold. This means you will pay to purchase the trespasso or leasehold and then pay a monthly rent to the owner of the property. The new owners have a lot to do when starting a new bar in Spain and it is important to ensure you are fully aware of everything that is included in the Sale. Most bars for sale in Spain do not include the fittings inside the bar, there will normally be an inventory that when the time comes to sell the bar you will have to ensure that all of this is still present. There is also a fee to transfer the business to the new owners and you should find a good legal representative to do this for you. The inventory is not normally included in the advertised price of any bars for sale in Spain so you should also expect to have to pay extra for this when the time comes to take over the new business.

Does the bar for sale have a facebook page?

Facebook can be great for local advertising and a good Facebook page can be a great place to advertise your bar without much cost. If your bar is in a popular area that will help but it is always good to reach a wider audience. You may have purchased that “Long established cafe bar” but unless it is in a prime location you will need to consider some marketing.

Cafe Bar or Drinks Bar?

There are many different types of bar for sale in Spain and it would be a good idea to decide whether you want to or indeed have the capacity to serve food. There are lots of cafe bars for sale and most offer snack type foods. This is fairly easy to prepare and wont need a qualified chef to do so. It does however take more preparation and time than a normal drinks bar would. However it is a good way to keep people in your new business for longer and helps with profits. Of course a cafe bar is not for everyone and some people would rather just have a drinks bar or music bars can also be a popular choice.

Location is important!

On the coast many people want to visit a business that has good views or maybe close to the town centre. The coast areas such as the Costa del Sol or the Costa Blanca are always very popular and are full of restaurants and bars for sale. Spain has a very large tourism industry so a bargain bar for sale in the right location can be an ideal opportunity to start a new life in the sun. Parking always helps but that can be dependant on the location of the bar. 1st line to the beach always presents a excellent opportunity and if there are restaurants and other businesses close by then this can mean the bar for sale can have good potential. Of course property close to the beach means even a small bar can sell for a premium and the owner may expect to get the advertised price.

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Should I pay the advertised price?

There are many agents advertising many businesses for sale across Spain. You should always be cautious of that “Bargain bar” If and agent is advertising lots of bargain bars for sale then the chance are they are not really a bargain. Businesses come and go and patience may well ensure that sports bar you buy in the end is the right one for you. Businesses for sale are usually advertised at a sensible price but it is not unusual for some agents advertising bars for sale to make the price sound attractive and the next week be offering the same bar for sale with a 50% discount. Lots of discounted businesses for sale usually means they are priced too high to start with so please ensure the price you are paying is correct. Price is very important to both the current business owner and the new owner and usually an agreement can be reached. You have to get the balance between the location and the price and remember sometime in the future you will also want to sell. Close to the beach will always be easier to sell than alongside a main road and a sale will generally be achieved more quickly.

What property type should I be looking for?

There are a number of ways to buy a bar in Spain and the type of purchase is usually split into 3 options.

Freehold – This is where you would own the building and the business. There is no monthly rent to pay with this option but it is the most expensive option.

Trespasso/Leasehold – This option means you normally pay an upfront fee to purchase the lease of the business. They normally come with a lease of 5 to 10 years and you then pay rent to the owner of the bar for the period of the lease. Mosts leases are on a renewable basis and the monthly rent is raised with inflation.

Rent – This option does not normally involve an upfront fee but when you rent a property to run a bar it is much easier for the owner to take the property back (depending on the length of contract that the rent is agreed for) You also do not have a business to sell on in the future unless the owner off the bar has agreed you can do that in the rent contract. The monthly rent can vary from location to location and the property maintenance is down to the owner of the bar.


There can be lots of pitfalls to look out for when looking for the ideal bar in Spain. Ensure when looking for a bar you do your research and decide which property type will be best for your new business idea before you commit to any viewings. Price is important but so is the location and property type. The monthly rent will be likely to be your biggest cost. Try to find a good location that has restaurants nearby as this can bring traffic to your location. IT is good to be near other services and hotels can assist in bringing customers to your business. Being on a main road can be good for visibility but the rent can often be quite expensive. Owning a sports bar can give you lots of options to attract customers especially in places like the Costa Del Sol in Southern Spain where an abundance of hotels attracts millions of tourists every year. Of course Spain is a huge country with many business opportunities however for the right business there is often a lot of competition seeking out that latest business opportunity. Remember the business you buy whether it is in Southern Spain or Northern Spain is an investment and the business opportunity should be considered carefully.

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